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Welcome to “Rentomatic”, one of the Best Property Management Companies in Utah, offering top-notch services to help our clients maximise the value of their investments. We offer a wide range of services, including new tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, regular inspection, and financial reporting, so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

✓ Taking risk out of rental.

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Don’t pay until your property is rented.


No Hidden Charges/Fee.


Get rigorous tenant screening.


Get our network of insured workers in every industry.


Get a market comparison showing how much your property will rent for.


Grow your portfolio and get a discount on multiple properties.


You get Rentomatic 24/7 support via phone, text, email, or chat.


You get great pricing! We will beat any competitor’s price.


Rentomatic will provide an online owners and tenants portal.

Property Management Types

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Single-Family Property
Multi-Unit Property
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HOA Property Management
Contemporary House
Commercial Property Management

Why do you need a Property Management Company?

If you have multiple properties to rent out, you need a help of a good property management company. A property management company can help simplify your life as a property owner or investor, giving you more time and peace of mind. It can also help you in multiple ways right from searching for a new tenant to collecting rent from existing tenants to taking responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of your rental assets.

The more rental properties you have more you need the help of a property management company.

If your rental property is a long way from where you reside, it’s smart to employ a property management firm for it to manage and oversee it.
If you acquired the property only to earn revenue in the form of rent, you’ll require a property management company for its routine upkeep and day-to-day tasks.

If you are looking for a service full-time property manager, not on salary based then a property Management Company is a good choice for you. A property the board organization isn’t your representative; they are self-employed entities.

Every landlord can’t hire a full-time property manager to look after his rental properties. Recruiting a full-time property manager involves a lot of pain and hassle because you need to be directly involved with him at times; hence not feasible for you.
Regardless of whether you mind dealing with your property, you cannot effectively chip away at the property consistently. If you anticipate zeroing in more on maintaining your business, recruiting a property board organization might be your best game plan.
While picking a property management company; you are ready to dispense some part of your income in property management; hence you don’t have any remorse. For this situation, it is savvy to keep dealing with the property yourself or with the help of a dedicated property manager.

How we can help you?

  • Screen potential tenants by performing background checks and credit checks and verifying employment and income.
  • Collect rent on behalf of the property owner and ensure that it is paid on time.
  • Coordinate and oversee maintenance and repair work on the property.
  • Perform regular inspections of the property to ensure it is well-maintained.
  • Create lease agreements and ensure they comply with local laws and regulations.
  • Provide regular financial reports to the property owner outlining income and expenses.
  • Market your property and fill vacancies.
  • Handle tenant complaints and concerns, as well as evictions if necessary.
  • Manage relationships with vendors, to ensure that work is completed to a high standard and within budget.

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Rentomatic is one of Utah’s Best Property Management Companies that offer top-notch services and ensure the best experience for our clients.