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Rentomatic is a leading property management company in Utah offering services for leasing residential and commercial properties. We also have agents to help Landlords and tenants sell, buy, and custom-build homes.


Property Management has a reputation for being overwhelming, we believe you deserve a quality service without the hassle.

Our Purpose and Mission

Rentomatic Property Management’s leadership team has seen the best and sometimes, the worst of property management. We bring unique strengths to the company, strengths that make for long relationships between us and our clients. We bring to those relationships the highest levels of integrity, reliability, and customer service in the industry. To some clients, we are their property managers. To others, we are their consultants, always ready to provide advice on when to buy, lease, or sell their investment property.
Our Mission
We’ve built our business on three core values transparency, communication, and reliability. Our mission is to provide the Utah region with concierge-style property management services.

We Follow All The Government Norms and Legal Procedures for Renting a Property

We take part in preparing and proceeding with all the essential documentation and formalities required for leasing or renting a property. We are committed to finding fair lodging, form, unjust removal, showcasing, record verifications, current market assessments, and patterns that assist us with remaining at the main edge of our field.

Our ability will assist you with augmenting the profit from the venture you get from your property.

Our clients can look over a few choices, for example, direct store and getting proclamations through email, which empower them to fit our administrations to their necessities.


You don’t pay until your property is rented.


No Hidden Charges/Fee


You get rigorous tenant screening.


You get our network of insured workers in every industry to help maintain your property.


You get a market comparison showing how much we think your property will rent for.


Get Discount on multiple property


You get rentomatic available to you 24/7 via phone, text, email, or chat.


You get great pricing! We will beat any competitor’s price!


Rentomatic will provide an online owner’s and tenants portal.

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